Monday, January 22, 2007

Agnes Scott Contest

Well, the emails were sent. I didn't win nor was I a finalist. Honestly, I didn't expect to win; however, I was hoping to land a spot as a finalist because participating in a workshop led by Yusef Komunyakaa would rock. Oh well, guess I could always enter in the contest next year.

I say, win or lose, celebrate poetry........ with that in mind here's a Dustin original.....


When you’re on your knees
sweeping up the pieces of glass
that used to fit snugly together
to form your beautiful heart;
when your knees ache from being
pushed into the concrete ground,
when your arms feel like they’re
about to give and you force
them to continue the task at hand
because you know there is no stopping
the wind from scattering the pieces—
that’s when you’ll be humbled.
~ Dustin Brookshire

Off to the Palm Beach Poetry Festival tomorrow.