Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Project Verse: Judge Announcement

Originally, the final Project Verse assignment was not what was posted early this morning. In fact, the original task probably wasn't even a hard enough task worthy of the fierce final two: Emily and Kathi. After a discussion with weekly guest judge Beth Gylys, we decided to incorporate change. This change keeps us close to our mission of promoting poets and poetry by giving a poetic makeover to Project Runway.

Unfortunately, weekly judge Dana Guthrie Martin will not be able to participate in the judging of the final assignment because of this change. Dana poured herself into Project Verse-- my thanks to her is endless. The contestents will never truly know how much she cared and cheered for each one of them-- I heard it in her voice each time we spoke on the time to discuss Project Verse. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dana.

Here is a statement from Dana:
The Project Verse competition has been a wonderful experience, and I wish the final two candidates — as well as all the incredibly talented poets who competed — the very best with their writing.

Because of changes to the competition’s end date that have pushed Project Verse into September, I unfortunately won’t be able to be part of the final judging and must step away from the competition at this time.

An extra-special thanks is due to Dustin for all he’s put into this competition, and for having such a fantastic idea in the first place.

Good luck, everyone! I’ve learned a lot, and you have all been amazing to work with.

Poem on! And step in a little shit when you write. (That’s the opposite of the best advice my mother ever gave me. You don’t even want to know her second-best advice to me. It involves what kind of speculum not to allow the gynecologist to insert into you during a pelvic exam.)

Stay tuned for updates!