Monday, August 3, 2009

Project Verse ~ Week 8: Villanelle


Form and repetition continue.

This week you are writing a villanelle. You have six stanzas and nineteen lines to impress us.

You may write on any topic that you desire, but you must do the following:
(1) Make a political reference in your poem. You can drop the name of an event or person--doesn't matter, just make the reference.
(2) Slant rhyme won't cut it for this assignment.

By the way, you may alter NO MORE than three words in lines one and three when you repeat them.

If you need a guiding light, take a look at "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop. Contestants, don't lose us, or you'll be OUT.

Good luck!

Get to writing.

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W.F. said...

He will not let you down, Sir Knight.