Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 7: Results

Beth, Dustin, and Dana were joined by guest judge Sandra Beasley for Week 7: Pantoum. Click here to revisit the Week 7 poems.

Before we get to the reason you are reading this post, you need to read a statement from guest judge Sandra Beasley:
"When I agreed to be a guest judge, the identities of the Project Verse competitors was not determined. It has turned out that I know one of the finalists. Therefore, out of respect for Project Verse's ethical code I recuse myself from voting. But I spent a lot of time with the poems, and Dustin is being kind enough to share my comments; I hope they are helpful. My deepest appreciation goes out to all the contestants and the judges. Good luck!"

Now, here we go:

KRISTEN, last week you were in the bottom two, and you are in the top two this week. EMILY, you are joining KRISTEN, and you get to call yourself the winner of Week 7. Congrats, EMILY!

MICAH and W.F., the judges realize this week's assignment was hard; however, they felt you didn't utilize your poetic talents and rise to the occasion. MICAH, the judges were hoping to have another strong poem like you wrote for week 6. W.F., this is a competition and someone has to leave, but it isn't you this week. MICAH, you are on permanent caesura.

W.F., the week 8 assignment will involve repetition; don't fall prey to the same mistakes with your week 8 poem.


Micah said...

Finally. Thank you. I hope that if this project continues past this year that the assignments will be a lot more thought out. I can't imagine giving any of these assignments even to my intro to creative writing students. I also hope that there will be more organization put into the judging. It too seemed rushed and inconsistent to say the least. This isn't at all what I was expecting when I signed up and, although I didn't want to quit the project, I am happy to be finished with it. Then again, I don't know anything about Project Runway (and don't plan on finding out about it). Good luck in the future. Thanks to the guest judges for their time and effort.

Emily said...

Oh, no she didn't!

Collin Kelley said...

Meow! It really is just like Project Runway up in here.

Collin Kelley said...

Oh, and congrats to Kristen for being a runner up in the qarrtsiluni chapbook competition!

W.F. said...

Three snaps in a triangle formation.

A.J. from Phoenix said...

At least we don't have to read anymore of your emo poems.

Stephen S. Mills said...

Word of advice to Micah: I would be careful of signing up for competitions that reference things you don't know. You are lucky you didn't end up being forced to write poems on exotic beetle shells that you then had to consume and wash down with cow's blood.

I've taught poetry and these have been great assignments, so I'm confused why you would never dream of giving them to your intro students. I will say the assignments have focused a bit more on form than I would personally choose, but that doesn't mean they have been bad or somehow below your intro students.

Since you didn't know anything about Project Runway you should be proud of yourself for providing the right amount of bitterness. Heidi would be proud.