Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 8: Villanelle-- Unexpected Twist

Project Verse Contestants,

The weekly judges are not impressed with how you handled the Week 8: Villanelle assignment. Part of the rules for week 8 read, "Slant rhyme won't cut it for this assignment," yet some of you use slant rhyme. One of you should remember that the rhyme scheme for a villanelle for the first fifteen lines is ABA, and the rhyme scheme for the last four lines is ABAA. The bottom: The Week 8 poems are not the best representation of the quality of work each of you can produce; therefore, we can't accept these poems.

Your options:
(1) Revise your poem. Make sure you're not using slant rhyme. Make sure you follow the rhyme scheme. Submit your revised poem by noon on Wednesday, August 12.
(2) You can choose not to revise your poem; however, this means you'll be entering into a double elimination with your poem as is, and you'll be adding that poem as is in your overall collective work, which will help decide the contest winner.

Your Week 9 assignment will still be posted on Monday, and it is still due by 10am on Friday.

We want you to know that we're pushing you because we know you are talented poets who can handle the challenge. We know you must be tired, but it is almost over. Don't fizzle out on us. Shine.

Good Luck,
The Weekly Judges

Yes, the week 8 guest judge has our backs with this decision.