Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 3: Results

Beth, Dustin, Dana, and Matthew Hittinger have deliberated; click here to revisit the poems and read their comments below each poem. The judges have selected the poets who wrote the two strongest and weakest poems for Week 3: Simile Vs. Metaphor:


KRISTEN and NIINA were voted the strongest for Week 3; however, only one poet can be the weekly winner. NIINA, there is always next week. Congratulations, KRISTEN!

EMILY and NABINA, both of you receive a vote from each judge to place you in the bottom two. This marks the second time that both you have made the bottom two.

NABINA, the judges had a problem with your use of metaphor. They weren't buying what you were selling this week.

EMILY, the judges didn't complain about your use of metaphor; however, they felt your work this week was sloppy. Two out of the four had issues with the addressee of your elegy.

EMILY, your previous work has been stronger. We want to see the strong work return next week.

NABINA, you are on permanent caesura!


Rose C. said...

I was very disappointed not to see Emari Digiorgio's poem, "The Worry Dolls" in the top picks this week. It was such a well-composed poem which evidenced strong language skills AND a deft sense of narrative direction/order...I think the only poem this week which had that kind of strong purpose and self-awareness.

niina said...

Congrats, Kristen!

"You will kneel to bless the dead /
hive of your pelvis." This is a flawless line break, and the hive image is chilling.

W.F. said...

Niina and Kristen, wonderful poems.

Niina - So many of your lines stood out, and such wonderful sounds. I love "the cidering, noiseless exhale / of the mango"

Kristen - I did a second person thang in Week Two and it was tough. I admire any poet, any WRITER that can pull it off.

I thought Micah would walk away with it this week. Shows what I know.

Awesome week of poems all aroung.

Kristen McHenry said...

Thank you, Niina and W.F! I always look forward to reading your work.
I am big fan of Emari's poem this week, too. It was lovely. I agree; good work all around.