Monday, July 13, 2009

Project Verse ~ Week 4: Shore Tags & Curveball Results

The judges have deliberated on the poems from Week 4: Shore Tags and Project Verse's Curveball.

Beth, Dustin, and Dana were joined by guest judge Collin Kelley for Week 4: Shore Tags. Click here to revisit the Shore Tags poems.

For the Project Verse Curveball, the weekly judges were joined by guest judges Emma Bolden and Dollymania's Duane Gordon. Click here to revisit the Curveball poems.


Kristen and Emily, one of your poems received four out of four votes as the top poem for Week 4: Shore Tags, and the other received three out of four votes. It was close. On the other end, Niina and Martin, your poems tied for the weakest poem of Week 4: Shore Tags.

Emari, Micah, and Martin, your poems tied for the weakest poem of the Project Verse Curveball. Kristen and Kathi, one of your poems received four out of five votes as the top poem for the Curveball assignment, and the other received three out of five votes.

Emily, your Week 4: Shore Tags poem is going to be published in Dana Guthrie Martin's Shore Tags Project. Congratulations!

Kristen, your Project Verse Curveball poem is going find its way in the 50 poems paying tribute to Dolly Parton project by Emma Bolden and me. Congratulations!

Niina, you submitted your Week 4: Shore Tags poem after the 10am deadline; therefore, you are on permanent caesura!


niina said...

Ha, I knew this was coming due to my woeful tardiness. Nevertheless, congrats to everyone on some badass poems; it's been great working on PV and I'll be reading with great interest!

emari said...

In two weeks only one of us was eliminated--was that the real curveball?

Hey, it's cool. I can keep hitting fouls.

And just like when I played softball in high school, coach says he's disappointed. Pull your head out of your ***, DiGiorgio. But he won't bench me this time.

Just stop swinging for the fence.

What kind of advice is that?

W.F. said...

Niina, your graciousness is like a breath of fresh air. Please let us know what you're up to!

Emari, I share your sentiment. I've decided to just stop caring what the judges may or may not say, write the poem I want to write, and let the chips fall where they may. You have an enormous talent, and I hope you don't let any of these comments get to you.

niina said...

WF, it's my own fault! :)

Ottpops said...

Good luck, Niina!

Will be joining you soon I think...

My Dolly poem was accepted for the November issue of Two Review the first time I sent it out (and they get 7000 submissions per issue). Kind of takes the sting out of being on the bottom twice last week.

Here's to having fun with the assignments!


W.F. said...


Could you, maybe, tone down the self promotion?

Collin Kelley said...

I encourage Kristen to hone her Shore Tags poem and submit it somewhere. Still my favorite of the week. Good luck, everyone, as the competition goes forward. Make it work!

Kristen McHenry said...

Niina, I'm so bummed out I won't be seeing your poems here each week anymore. :( I always looked forward to reading your take on the assignments, and I loved what you did with the Dolly challenge. I hope you'll pop your head in often and let us know what you're up to.

Here's to the almost mid-way point, everyone--cheers!

Emily said...

Kristen-- agreed! I'll toast to that! And Niina, your poems are lovely, I'm sorry I won't be seeing them this week-- best of luck.