Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Week 10: Final Assignment

Emily and Kathi, you've made it a long way; however, you have one last assignment.

Only one poet can win Project Verse and receive the Project Verse prize package.

The final assignments consists of five parts:

Poem #1:
Part of your Week 9: Duel Task assignment required you to select what you consider the strongest line from your revised poem. The selected line will be used to write a new poem. While the new poem must use the strongest line, the new poem must not be anything like the poem from which it came. I almost forgot: you must swap lines.
Emily, you will use Kathi's Unrequited love can kill you.
Kathi, you will use Emily's and glittering. The sky is vintage celluloid, the hell.

Poem #2:
Revisit Week 5: The Between; redo the assignment. Yes, you must follow the rules as originally listed in the assignment. Poets, you may NOT use the lines you selected the first time around. Here is a reminder as to which lines you used the first time around:
Emily: He already has a name, she sighs reproachfully.
Kathi: As soon as he saw her, he knew that this wouldn't happen.

Poem #3:
Revisit Week 6: Epigraph; redo the assignment. Yes, you must follow the rules as originally listed in the assignment. Poets, you must select a different poem to create an epigraph from. Here is a reminder as to which poem you used the first time around:
Emily: "With Mercy for the Greedy" by Anne Sexton
Kathi: "Famous" by Naomi Shihab Nye

Poem #4:
Dorianne Laux participated in the new celebrity writing prompt series at Read Write poem. Click here to read Laux's prompt. Poets, you will use Dorianne Laux's RWP prompt to write a poem. Follow the instructions of the prompt carefully.

Poem #5:
Write a poem that begins with "I started writing poetry when I found out..." You can insert line breaks into those eight words any way you see fit; however, the poem MUST begin with those eight words. No, using the words in an epigraph won't suffice. The poem must be written in 50 lines or less. There is no form constraint.

DEADLINE: Poems should be submitted in a single Microsoft Word document by 4pm on Friday, September 11, 2009.

Good luck!

Get to writing.


W.F. said...


Best of luck.

Emily said...

Thanks. We'll miss you.

Kimbeelee said...

Wow. Such intensity coming into the finish line. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't yet commented, though I've been following since Week 5...

...but now I have to say, AUGH SUSPENSE!! I need my fix!!

emari said...

Where are the poems??!!??

I want to read them. Pretty, please, Dustin!

prashant said...

Thanks. We'll miss you.

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