Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Verse ~ Week 7: Pantoum


This week you must a write a pantoum.

You may write on any topic that you desire, but you must do the following:
(1) Have a minimum of 6 stanzas, but 8 is the maximum.
(2) Work in the name of one movie into a line that will be repeated.
(3) Work in the name of one book into a line that will be repeated.

By the way, you may NOT alter the second and fourth lines of your stanzas
when you transition them to first and third lines.

Good luck poets.

Get to writing


Anonymous said...

The pantoum is a beautiful form; slight alterations to the repetitions are what make these poems so much fun to write and to read. To make a rule that does not allow the poets to have fun in this way really destroys the assignment.

Dustin Brookshire said...

Slight alterations also make writing a pantoum easier than without slight alterations. The contest can't be a breeze every week.

Emily said...

Bite your tongue, Dustin. Breeze, my ass. Note my poem last week was seven stanzas with seven lines each... it was literally 'doing reference work in sin'... I don't think I'm alone in putting in a lot of work, here.

W.F. said...

Emily, I agree.

I've done some weird stuff in the poems that, for better or worse, went unnoticed. I think we've all been working hard since day one.

I will say, however, that this pantoum is breaking my back.

niina said...

I'm totally gonna do this, just for fun.