Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Fist City"

Since moving items around last weekend, there has been a lot of reorganization in the apartment. In the reorganization process, I rediscovered a Loretta Lynn CD that I've had a couple of years. I've forgotten how much I enjoy Lynn-- don't get me wrong, she's no Dolly Parton and can never take the place in my heart held by Dolly, but she's good. I admire and enjoy that Lynn tackled topics in her song writing that were considered taboo-- i.e. "Rated X," which is a song that points outs the double standard divorced women faced and "The Pill," a song about birth control. If I remember correctly, both of these songs were banned or had very little radio play. Love a woman who likes to light a fire.

But anyway, here's a young Loretta Lynn singing my favorite song that she's ever performed:

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