Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Saxby continues to make Shameless decisions!
Posted by: Rand
on 6/11/2008

This week, newspapers around Georgia ran a column with the headline: GOP Hopes Saxby will be part of Firewall.

This statement should have Georgians gravely concerned.

The Republican Party is banking on the re-election of Senator Chambliss. This would place him among the 41-senator “firewall” the Republican Party is attempting to build. This 41-person group would prevent the Democrats from stopping any Republican filibusters.

The November election is five months away, and the Republicans are already planning strategic maneuvers to thwart any legislation rooted in democratic values from being passed.

Saxby’s voting record proves that he is not in favor of Family-Friendly policies:

-Senator Chambliss voted against expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program

-Senator Chambliss voted against funding for the Medicare program and supported ending the federal guarantee of insurance provided by Medicaid

-Senator Chambliss voted to cut education funding

-Senator Chambliss voted against increasing the minimum wage

-Senator Chambliss voted against appropriating $14 billion for the Veterans Benefits Administration for the years 2006-2010

Saxby Chambliss has illustrated that he is not concerned about children, families, students, workers or veterans.

As his constituents, we deserve to know, for whom is Senator Chambliss concerned?

The answer to this question was made very clear yesterday in the Senate. Senator Chambliss voted against allowing the Senate to take up a bill which would have increased taxes on oil company profits and rescinded oil company tax deductions- thereby allowing oil companies to keep $30 billion in profits that would have gone back to men and women in America.

We cannot have another six years of Saxby Chambliss as part of the “firewall” that blocks family-oriented legislation in favor of legislation to benefit corporations.

When I get to the Senate, I will fight for the people of Georgia. You will be my top concern. I will support legislation to provide healthcare for those who need it, benefits to veterans and increases in education funding. I will sponsor legislation to bring new family-supporting, union-friendly jobs in renewable energy to this state to revive our economy.

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Rand Knight for US Senate

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