Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Eye Candy ~ Dominic Purcell

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Reya-Alkiona said...

Cobalt-like blue chrming eyes,cut out face,sensitive lips,a fascinating voice,strong masculine arms,incisive chest a body emitting strength and might a look which fixes you,takes your breath away and confuses your thoughts.A smile which affects you like magnet a slight cheerful gesture with raising of the eyebrows:erotic,vague but exciting anough licking of the lips woth his rompy tongue:carelessly buttoned almost to the navel shirt revealing his prfect masculine body which has been created only for sins,Good`s creation made so perfect that your only thought is that it has been made so that the lord could show off.Thousands of descriptions of only one man,the irresistable,the unique Dominic Purcell.