Friday, August 21, 2009

Double Ds Move!

Well, I have a lot on my plate. Yes, I'm a big boy who enjoys a full a plate and often seconds, even I have to realize when I need to embrace change to keep everything on my plate balanced.

I have decided to move the Double Ds, which is a monthly column I organize with Denise Duhamel, from Read Write Poem to I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin. I hate to move the series from the fantastic Read Write Poems site. Read Write Poem has it all-- writing prompts, forums, and more web traffic than my blog; however, I have to think of the project. I am balancing a full-time job, college, Atlanta Pride Committee, Atlanta Queer Literary Festival Committee, Project Verse, Quarrel, Poetry Swap, Limp Wrist, and as of this week, promoting a chapbook that is going to be published by Pudding House Press. I'm a one man show doing all of this, so I have to do what is easiest for me while keeping the integrity of the project. --- moving the Double Ds to I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin will do just that!

I owe Dana a huge thanks for embracing the Double Ds as soon as I pitched the idea to her. I owe a big thanks to the RWP staff for posting the first entry with Marilyn Nelson.

Please check back for the Double Ds questioning Dara Weir in September. You won't want to miss it!


Lisa Allender said...

Congrats, Dustin! Busy, busy!
You and Collin Kelley should both teach "time-management skills" to the rest of us! ;)

christine said...

Congratulations on your chapbook, Dustin! And also for the your collaboration with Denise. Dana is a good sport. I'm sure she understands. I can't believe all you do!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


prashant said...

Collin Kelley should both teach "time-management skills" to the rest of us! ;)

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