Friday, July 24, 2009

Poetry Swap!

Poetry Swap

Q: What is Poetry Swap?
A: It is a group of poetry lovers interested in sharing poems they enjoy with fellow poetry lovers via snail mail.

Q: Wasn't this project formerly called the Great Poetry Exchange?
A: Yes. The name of the project was changed from Great Poetry Exchange to Poetry Swap to help eliminate confusion between this project and one created by Rick Lupert.

Q: How does it operate?
A: Each poet involved is paired with another poet. (All efforts will be made to pair poets from different states.) A poet will be selected to initiate the poem swapping by sending his/her Poetry Swap Pal a poem. Then the receiving poet replies with a poem. This pattern continues until the poets request a new PW pal or want to call it quits.

Q: Where are some of the current participants located?
A: Poetry Swap has reached the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia as well as GA, WA, CA, OR, NM, OH, AZ, FL, NC, IL, NJ, VA, AR, MN, KY, and UT.

Q: Can I send poems I've written?
A:: The purpose of Poetry Swap is to share poems written by poets other than yourself.

Q: Do I have to be a poet to participate?
A: Nope. You only need to enjoy poetry and want to promote it.

Q: How many poems do I have to send?
A: Ideally, a poet should send his/her PS pal two poems a month. If the poets want to send more, well, that is their prerogative.

Q: How long will Poetry Swap run?
A: As long as people are willing to swap poems, Poetry Swap will exist. Ideally, it will be great if poets stay paired for at least six months before requesting a new Poetry Swap Pal or quitting Poetry Swap.

Q: What about my mailing address?
A: No information will be sold nor will you be added to any mailing lists. All information remains private!

Q: Where can I direct my questions? How do I get involved?
A: Contact Dustin Brookshire at with any questions, or send your name/mailing address as you want your Poetry Swap pal to see it. Please put "Poetry Swap" in the subject line of your email.


Dana said...

I just signed up!

The Boulder said...

SUCH a great idea -- I can't wait!

christine said...

OK, I get it. Count me in. I need something to get me writing more often. I'm starting to feel page fright these days, and that's not good.

Collin Kelley said...

Snail mail? How positively 20th century of you. lol Seriously, have fun with this. If I had more time, I'd sign up.

W.F. said...

I can't wait to surprise my new pen pal.

Clay Lowe said...

I'm in!

jillypoet said...

Me, too!

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

I just sent an email! Wot larks!

Daniel said...

Add NY to that list. :) Can't wait to get some random poetry sent my way!