Sunday, May 20, 2007


MondoHomo Dirty South
2007 Festival Schedule

Wednesday, June 27, 2007: East Atlanta Kickoff
The Earl: Team Gina, KIN, One Hand Loves the Other, Akil,
Natalie llium, dj Va Jay Jay
SOPO Bicycle Cooperative tour
The new MSR: art show
Mary's: Log Jam featuring: Paul Mercer, Fagatrons, team Heat Wave, Johnny Mae, Akil

Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 7pm: Tower Lounge II
- spoken word – Dj Vick of Traxx and MC: rapper Bad Kat
Featuring: PhoeniX YZ, Ami Mattison and Amber Dawn UpfoldSiren, Dr. Madelyn Hatter, Theresa Davis, Beki Buchanan,Kit Yan, Stacie Boschma, Corey Houlihan, Sam Martin, Dustin Brookshire, Karen G, kathleen delaney

Lenny's- Moxie Cabaret featuring: Cakalak Thunder, Ms. Cherry Galette, MC Haywood Wakefield, Leroi the Girl Boi, Pilou Miller, Karissa the Pole Dancer, Destiny Brooks,Alice D, Diego Wolf, Penasco Theatre Collective, Bois 2 Men, Chica Boom, Dixie Pistols, Good N Plenty-, Al Schlong

Friday, June 29 at 8pm: Aurora/Criminal Records:
in store 6pm Drunken Unicorn: Dino Felipé, Can Can, Small Framed Boy, Jeremy Gloff MJQ: Homo revolution featuring:Tori Fixx,Deadlee,Feloni,and Bigg NuggDjs Yvonne Monet, Haute Couture and Twinkledome
HOSTED BY: Jason Jupiter and Tom Tom

Saturday, June 30 at 4pm: Lenny's:
Queer Craft Fair, Team Gina, Skate like a Girl, the Shondes, Athens Boys Choir, ex-Members (members of the Butchies) RoboSapien, KatastropheDjs 5 hour boner and Business Casual

Sunday, July 1 at 4pm:USSF and MondoHomo Closing Party:
Eyedrum Gallery- Pinkeye Film and Video, Djs Hawg-Tied, dr. Katz, Lisa Williams, Va Jay Jay, Duck,5 hour bonercatering by Ria’s Bluebird

(All information was taken from the MondoHomo Myspace page.)