Monday, May 28, 2007

ToasterMag, Bud, & Disposing Meds

~ After a bit of work on the topic, I can now announce that ToasterMag will have its first poetry contest this year! Want to know the contest name? Want to the know the name of the judge? Well, I will say the name has roots in poetry, and the judge is a very distinguished poet. If you want more than that you'll have to check out ToasterMag in mid June.

~ Today, Paul and I went for a walk with Daisy. (Daisy will get her own post at a later date explaining her identity.) As we walked in the apartment complex, returning from our walk, a young guy asks, "Do you know where I can buy any bud?" I replied, "At the BP across from the complex," thinking the guy must have been slow-- almost every gas station I've been stocks beer. Then the guy looks at me like I'm slow and says, "Some green." At this point I do feel stupid, well maybe more naive, and Paul quickly responds "We're not into that sort of thing." The guy apologized and walked off. I wanted to tag on, "Yeah, we've actually never done any illegal drunks or abused prescription drugs, but I can drink like Tammy Faye puts on make-up." But I doubt he'd be impressed with not liking the drugs... oh well, I guess D.A.R.E. didn't reached him.

~ A friendly tip from a pharmacy guy: If you ever have to dispose of medication don't flush it. Not good. Not good at all. Dissolve the tablets in water or another liquid. Poor the dissolved tablets in cat litter, coffee grounds, or some other item from your kitchen. (If you have a liquid medication skip the dissolving part and follow instructions.) Then seal the contents in a bag and drop in the nearest trashcan.


Sibille said...

The bud comment made me laugh. I totally wouldn't have gotten it either! So many different words the kids use these days!

Side story: when I did the child protection training, one of our 'get to know each other' exercises was to think of as many words for female private parts and male private parts as possible. If you want to embarrass people, this is the exercise for you!

chris said...

Well why would you ever want to DISPOSE of medication? you are so crazy. Now how do i get rid of this plutonium?

Dustin said...

Sibille-- I would pay to see you participate in that exercise. I bet you blushed the whole time!

I know... I always feel "older" when I don't know terminology used by someone younger than myself.

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