Friday, January 4, 2008

Six Days Until Key West

I leave next week for the Key West Literary Seminar.

I owe a huge thank you to CK, Lisa, and Dr. G for writing lovely emails of recommendation to go along with my scholarship application.

Also, I owe a huge thanks to the peeps at the seminar for granting me the scholarship because I couldn't attend without it. Special, special thanks to the director Miles.

Poetry, warm weather, and the beach for a week... what a combination! I am looking forward to my first visit to Key West.

Do the rules of Vegas apply to Key West. Does what in happen in Key West stay in Key West?


Collin said...

Ummm...I'd say if you're bangin' poets in Key West you oughta keep your mouth shut. Or write a tell all poem about it later. ;-)

Have fun.

Dustin said...


LOL... there is a better chance of Hillary getting the Republican nomination than me bangin' poets or anyone in Key West. But I could write a poem about how my relationship seems to be shot to hell.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Dustin!!
Have a great time in Key West...sorry you're feelin' blue.. perhaps things will feel better when you return.
Chin up, carry on!

profkemp said...

Dustin, have a great time and please, please soak up some sun for me. I'd rather be in Key West than anywhere else right now.