Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Blog Entry for 2007

Well, I wish I was bringing in the New Year on a more positive note. I had to leave work early today because I am so sick. The cold I've been battling for the last week finally opened a can of whoop-ass today by giving me a migraine. I started crying while talking to a coworker, which was embarrassing for me, but I went directly to the doctor afterward. Antibiotics and steroids... the doctor believes the migraine was caused by inflammation around my sinus cavities.

This is my first experience with having a migraine, and I am OK if this is my last. Growing up I saw firsthand how migraines affected my mother. My mother would stay in bed for a solid week if not more. I remember covering the windows in my mom's bedroom in an effect to ease her discomfort and having to make her eat. When I was a kid it was scary for me; I worried about her when I'd go to school. There were days when I would cry and beg for her to let me stay home so I could take care of her. Some days she'd let me. There were a couple of times when I was a teenager that I flat out refused to go to school because she seemed worse than usual.

OK. Enough of memory lane.

I received DOLLY AND FRIENDS the other day; it's simply 150 minutes of Dolly-Heaven. If you're a Dolly fan, purchase a copy today. Even if you're not a Dolly fan, purchase a copy today... 70s Dolly might win you over.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun NYE as well as a splendid New Year. May you obtain everything you want and deserve in 2008.


Collin said...

Despite being sick, I somehow managed to go to two parties last night. I realized about 11:59 that I'm getting too old for this partying shit.

Feel better...and happy new year.

Lisa Allender said...

Dustin, ooooh, FEEL BETTER SOON!!
I'll be over at my Mom's neighborhood in the next few days, may I bring you anything??
Hugs to "Daisy" and Paul, too!

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