Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Key West Lit Seminar Open Mic

While at the Key West Literary Seminar, I participated in an open mic. uVu Channel 2 taped a number of the seminar participants and put us online. Click here to see me read a poem by Denise Duhamel and two of my own-- "HIV Barbie" and "Missing Names."

Besides this being my first time having a public recording of me reading, this was my first time being censored. In "Missing Names" the work cocksucker is muted out. What's that about? I say slut and whore....... but cocksucker is muted. Twisted!

If you watch, I hope you enjoy.


Lisa Allender said...

I'm interested in seeing/hearing this, Dustin. The video did not play at all, so I'll try again in a few!
I agree it's very odd that the words slut & whore are all right, but not cocksucker.Then again, maybe not.After all, slut and whore are usually thrown at women(it's more "acceptable" to denigrate women), whereas cocksucker is usually an "insult" reserved for men(and thus, less acceptable).

Collin said...

Very cool. Too bad they didn't use your last name. Maybe you should become the Madonna of poetry. DUSTIN! ;-)

KATE EVANS said...

Welcome to the great world of censorship, Dustin! You're in good company with other banned and censored writers, like Alan Ginsberg, Maya Angelou, James Joyce, etc. Keep up the good work!