Wednesday, February 6, 2008

She's Lucky I Didn't Turn Super Flame on Her

My weekend started out with a bang. Friday, I was taking Daisy out for her evening bathroom ritual as a car stopped in front of me. The young lady inside rolls down her window and asks, "Are you Dustin?" I answer yes, and she questions, "Why did you tell John Doe I was rude to you? I've always been nice to you." Then it hits me-- this is the rude woman from the apartment leasing office. I tell her I'll be more than happy to discuss the matter with her in the leasing office during business hours. She quips, "Well, I don't work here any more NOW." I take a moment to inform her that she has been rude to me on a few occasions and that when she claims she's nice, it is obviously fake. I can't even remember what she said next because I was so irrate, but she threated me or my stuff-- when you're broke your property is just as valuable as yourself. Then I had a childish moment and called her a fat cow; however, I am proud to report that I resisted all urges to jump on the hood of her car or pull her out her window.

I filed a complaint with the courtesy office that night. Then the next morning I marched to the leasing office to complain-- I probably looked like Sofia (played by the overated Oprah) when she marched to confront Celie about the bad advice Celie gave Harpo. The reps in the leasing office were quick to assist me. They ushered me in a back room since there were potential residents talking to leasing reps. I requested my locks be changed since the evil lady used to work for the complex. The manager agreed to take care that day.

Well, the locks weren't changed. I cancelled my activities for the day so I could be home for the locks to be changed. I had to march to the office-- this time I am sure I looked angrier than Sofia. The manager tried to blame it on miscommunication, which didn't fly with me. I told the manager with the severity of this incident she should have conducted a follow-up to ensure my locks were indeed changed. Then I requested her boss's number and left a complaint on the VP's VM on way back to my apartment. I've yet to receive the return call that I requested-- it's only been 3 business days.

Yes, the issue is resolved now; however, I can't recommend the apartment I live in to anyone else. I thought service would improve with new management, but it hasn't. Maintenance requests are lost-- I had water back up in my sink for almost a week. Most recently, there was a sink issue that went unaddressed; Paul bought a plunger and fixed the issue.

The moral of the story: Do NOT rent from Broadstone at Dunwoody. Tell all of your friends! Share this information with anyone and everyone you know who is looking for a place to live in the Metro Atlanta area. I can't wait to move when my lease is up.


Collin said...

Somebody needs to leave OTP behind. Hint, hint.

Sibille said...

I'm sure that woman stalked you to catch you alone at night!!