Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jill "Bully" Chambers Wants to Be Re-Elected

Dearest Blogosphere,

On Wednesday of last week, I wrote a blog post about Rep Jill Chambers, and I told myself it would only one post to get everything out of my system. However, I was flipping through the channels last night and caught the end of a Chambers's commercial, and I noticed it was a new one. I stayed on the channel until the commercial played again only to become even more frustrated with Rep Jill "Bully" Chambers.

In her latest commercial, Chambers says- and forgive me if I have a word or two off--"Chris Huttman calls me unethical. This is the same Chris Huttman who is known on the internet as Chris is hardcore." Chris Huttman does have a website with an address of I encourage you to visit the website. Feel free to visit at work as it is a work friendly/safe site. And here is the issue, Rep Chambers is trying to play on the word HARDCORE. I think the average person associates hardcore with porn or bad, and Rep Chambers is counting on this correlation. Don't fall prey to Rep Chambers's suggestive politics. Yes, Chris is hardcore-- hardcore about holding elected officials accountable. He is hardcore about wanting the best for District 81. And, well, Rep Chambers, in this instance, there isn't a negative thing about being hardcore.

If the hardcore bologna wasn't enough, Rep Chambers comments that Huttman calls Vernon Jones a great CEO. Now, she is trying to drown by political association. However, Rep Chambers forgot to mention she has accepted donations for her campaign from Vernon Jones. Now wait, that doesn't make sense, Rep Chambers doesn't like Jones, but I guess she likes his money. Don't take my word for it-- see the image below, which can also be found via the Secretary of State's website.

District 81, it is time for us to take a stand and elect a politician who isn't a bully but will still fight with determination for the best for our District. It is time to fire Rep Jill "Bully" Chambers from the GA House of Representatives.

hoping you'll vote,

I'm going to email Chris Huttman to see if he'll do an interview via email.

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