Sunday, November 16, 2008

Video from ATL Prop 8 Protest ~Rep Karla Drenner

First: A huge thank you to Justin for recording the speakers at the Prop 8 Protest at the Georgia Capitol.

In case you missed it: Yesterday, I posted pictures snapped with my trusty phone. Also, check out Collin Kelley's blog for more pictures.

The video below is of Representative Karla Drenner. Rep Drenner mentions something I have been fearing during the past couple of General Assembly sessions-- some of our elected officials will try to pull what I will tag Pulling An Arkansas. As Drenner says in the video, we need to wake up now. We need to have our game plan ready in December because we need to hit the ground running in January. You'll see more on this topic in my blog over the next couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

She looks like a lunatic ranting old addage. Get with the times. We're on to change not bitter resentment and complaints about your injustices. Grow up. Get a perspective other than your distorted one. We need new leadership in this district. This same old song and dance offers the same smoke and mirrors as the bush administration.