Tuesday, September 11, 2007

H.E.R.O, Poetry, & No Interview

Yesterday, after an amazingly crappy day at work, I......... I don't even want to admit this.... I ran out of gas. I was trying to be cheap and purchase gas at a station near my apartment because I've found it to the cheapest in the area. I called the GA DOT program appropriately named H.E.R.O. First I admitted that I was stupid; then I explained why I was stupid, and provided the DOT rep with my location. The DOT rep then tells me the color and make of my car, which freaked me out, so I inquired how he knew. He replied, "Look to your left, one of the traffic cameras is pointed in your direction." In my aggravation, I forgot about the traffic cameras and experienced a moment of "Holy Shit Big Brother is Everywhere!" I owe H.E.R.O. a huge thanks for a gallon of gas and for the 1/2 a pound I lost sitting in my car for 45 minutes. (Seriously, no sarcasm there... my butt has put on too much weight over the last few months.)

The poems are coming slowly. I'm working mainly between two topics-- two difficult topics for many reasons. One of the topics I have covered in poems that I've shared with the public-- rape. Then the other, which I'm not ready to share nor are the poems ready to be shared. I find that I question myself more instead of letting the process flow like I usually do when I'm on these topics. But I think what I hate the most, I find the editing process is more difficult for me when covering the topics. Doesn't help that these topics are my own "little" demons, and it is never fun having them heaving and breathing in my face.

I was supposed to be interviewed on WRFG 89.3 at 7:30pm today; however, the host made same big scheduling errors...... so it didn't happen. I'm not impressed in the least.

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