Sunday, September 9, 2007

Protein Shake Anyone?

The other day, MM mentioned a gross tasting protein shake. His post took me down memory lane.

Muscle Milk...... your eyes do not deceive you. When the bf first told me he purchased Muscle Milk, I was surprised. He isn't one for porn, and I was sure with a name like Muscle Milk it had to be an outdated tacky porn starring muscle daddies. Now, it calls the cabinet above our stove home.


Collin said...

Yes, but does it work? Is his muscle producing any more milk? ;-)

Montgomery Maxton said...

i <3 bow i have my own label on your blog!

Dustin said...


I've been warned to answer your question carefully because the wrong answer could result in a temporary ban on certain relationship-recreational activities.


I'll just say this... Once I was lactose intolerant, but Glory Be I am no longer.


Dustin said...

MM... don't think you're special

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