Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, I was supposed to be part of the MondoHomo reading this Sunday; however, I have decided not to join some of my fellow poets who happen to be friends. This reading has been thrown together in a matter of weeks, and it is quite disappointing. We received information on our location within one week of the reading. Then the organizer sent a flier to the featured poets yesterday.... yes, a flier on Wednesday to promote an event on Sunday. However, this isn't any Sunday. This is the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and the Decatur Arts Festival. Unacceptable.

I refuse to have my name attached to something that people claim to care deeply about but only give half effort to make it a reality.

MondoHomo has great potential; however, great potential won't be achieved without organization.


Collin said...

I almost backed out as well after having a conversation with another one of the poets involved, but we are going to give them another chance and see how it pans out. Like I said on my blog, sometimes the squeakiest wheel gets the grease and we probably should have started squeaking a couple of weeks ago when they posted the line-up on the website.

Kiki Slaytana said...

hi guys, this is Kiki, one of the organizers. As I emailed Dustin personally... yes, we accept the criticism of trying to throw this together too quickly with not enough resources... but we also are committed to doing better in the future. Keep up the feedback, and we'll do better by you next year. Thanks for caring enough to say so! - Kiki