Monday, May 12, 2008

NARCISSUS ~ Cecilia Woloch

OK. I'm not usually one to say you must buy this or that; however, I have three items that I say are a must buy. I'll share one of the three today, and you'll have to read tomorrow to find out another.

The first item is Cecilia Woloch's award-winning chapbook Narcissus. Four of the poems in Narcissus are published in Limp Wrist. I'm stoked that LW will receive a mention in Cecilia's award-winning chapbook.

Cecilia is a beautiful person (inside and out) and a talented writer. I've participated in two workshops she's lead, and I owe her huge credits for shaping one of my favorite poems that I've written-- not to mention she turned me on to Kim Addonizio. I've heard her read numerous times, and she has never failed to amaze me. (Cecilia-- I can't wait to read your "vices poem" in print or in LW, if the Gods will smile on me!) I own all three of Cecilia's full length books; each book makes me admire her intellect and craft in so many different ways.

She was gracious enough, even though she's swamped, to participate in my WHY DO I WRITE series! !

So yes, you must buy Narcissus... click here!