Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Senate Bill 16 (AKA the "Sunday Sales" Bill)

As I posted on Facebook:

Below is a note I sent to each member of the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities in regards to Senate Bill 16. Feel free to copy and paste and send along.

I suggest putting in a call or fax since Wednesday is around the corner. Let's blitz the Senators with emails, calls, and faxes within the 24 hours before they meet!

On Wednesday, February 25, you have a Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee meeting. When the discussion turns to Senate Bill 16, I hope you will show your support for the bill.

I hope each Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee member realizes that support of Senate Bill 16 is not pledging support to Sunday alcohol sales. In actuality, it is allowing the people of Georgia a chance to voice their opinions through the voting process.

David Shafer (Chairman): david.shafer@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-0048
Eric Johnson (Vice Chairman): eric.johnson@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-5109
Ed Harbison (Secretary): ed.harbison@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-0074
Gloria Butler: gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-0075
Steve Hensen: steve.henson@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-0085
Jack Hill: jack.hill@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-5038
Dan Moody: dan.moody@senate.ga.gov, (404) 463-8055
Jack Murphy: jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-7127
Mitch Seabaugh: mail@mitchseabaugh.com, (404) 656-6446
Doug Stoner: doug.stoner@senate.ga.gov, (404) 463-2518
Ross Tolleson: ross.tolleson@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-0081
Renee Unterman: renee.unterman@senate.ga.gov, (404) 463-1368
Tommie Williams: tommie.williams@senate.ga.gov, (404) 656-0089

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Chris Daughtrey said...

My concern is an increase in alcohol-related deaths.


In my opinion, if there is just one death that can be attributed to Sunday alcohol sales, it’s not worth a few extra tax dollars.