Monday, March 2, 2009

Senate Bill 16 Update

On Wednesday, February 26, the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities was supposed to meet. This was an important meeting because Senate Bill 16 was supposed to be discussed. If the committee had met, if the members were of fair mind, Senate Bill 16 could have been released from committee to be scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor; however, quorum was not met.

As you might have guessed, the people at the top of this entry are your State Senators who did not show for the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities. From left to right you will find the following State Senators: (First row)Ross Tolleson- District 20, Mitch Seabaugh- District 28, Jack Murphy- District 27, (Second row) Jack Hill- District 4, and Gloria Butler- District 55. I am not sure why these Senators neglected their committee duties. I am sure they have a good reason as to why they failed to represent. Maybe Senator David Shafer, the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Chairman will press them for the reasons of their lack of attendance. I was in the emergency room for eight hours on 2/26/09, and I still made the time to call Senator David Shafer to tell him to use every ounce of his influence to make sure SB 16 is released from committee!

Senators Eric Johnson, Dan Moody, Tommie Williams, and Renee Unterman were also not in attendance for the 2/26/09 Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities committee meeting. A reliable source informed me that Senator Renee Unterman has been absent from her Senatorial obligations due to a family emergency, so I want to wish her all the best. Senators Eric Johnson, Dan Moody, and Tommie Williams were not able to make to the meeting because they were already attending a Senate Education and Youth Committee meeting that started late and before the Regulated Industries and Utilities; therefore, they missed the Regulated Industries and Utilities.

This Wednesday, the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities will meet. I ask that you hold your elected officials accountable. Tell the members of the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities that you want them to uphold their duties as our elected officials and attend this committee meeting. Then, if you are so inclined, ask them be fair-minded. Remind these State Senators that supporting Senate Bill 16 is not showing support for "Sunday Sales." Support for Senate Bill 16 is a State Senator's show of support for citizens to have a voice in their government. Isn't having a voice in our government, in our laws, isn't that what our government is all about?

You might think, Well, none of these Senators represent my district. Doesn't matter! These Senators need to know the opinions of all Georgians to do their job as a committee member. State Senators and House Representatives often go on to seek state wide offices, and this is the case with Senators David Shafer and Eric Johnson; these two Senators are going to battle for the office of Lieutenant Governor. I have more to say on this topic, but Senate Bill 16 is the issue at hand!

Please, contact the members of the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities before Wednesday; since time is of essence, please contact the members via phone or fax. Here is the contact information for the committee members:

David Shafer (Chairman): 404-656-0048 (phone), 404-651-6768 (fax)
Eric Johnson (Vice Chairman): 404-656-5109 (phone), 404-657-9727 (fax)
Ed Harbison (Secretary): 404-656-0074 (phone), 404-463-5547 (fax)
Gloria Butler: 404-656-0075 (phone), 404-657-9728 (fax)
Steve Hensen: 404-656-0085 (phone), 404-651-7078 (fax)
Jack Hill: 404-656-5038 (phone), 404-657-7094 (fax)
Dan Moody: 404-463-8055 (phone), 404-651-6768 (fax)
Jack Murphy: 404-656-7127 (phone), 404-463-1381 (fax)
Mitch Seabaugh: 404-656-6446 (phone), 404-651-6768 (fax)
Doug Stoner: 404-463-2518 (phone), 404-651-6767 (fax)
Ross Tolleson: 404-656-0081 (phone), 404-651-6767 (fax)
Renee Unterman: 404-463-1368 (phone), 404-651-6768 (fax)
Tommie Williams: 404-656-0089 (phone), 404-463-5220 (fax)

If you'd like a short, sweet, and generic message to fax, well, here you go:
I request that you do everything within your power to make sure Senate Bill 16 is released from the Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee. I believe your support for Senate Bill 16 shows your support for allowing the citizens of Georgia to have a voice in their government.



Anonymous said...

Senator Hill showed was walking into the meeting 1 minute late when it was adjourned.

Collin Kelley said...

The bill just got pulled. It's DOA until 2010.