Thursday, April 30, 2009

Georgia Takes A Stand

I am about to type something that is extremely difficult for me to type. I am proud of Gov. Sonny Perdue. If you live in Georgia (or have lived in Georgia at any point during Perdue's reign) you are probably wanting to know how such a thing is possible. Well, no matter how much I may not like you or agree with you, if you do something that deserves credit, well, I'll give it. Yesterday, Gov. Perdue earned a smiley-face sticker when he signed Senate Bill 170 into law. Sonny, thank you for not screwing up something good!

Senator David Adelman (pictured to the left) deserves a pat on the back for being the main sponsor of SB 170. He represents Senate District 42, which consists of Decatur(County Seat), Avondale Estates, Chamblee, Clarkston, Doraville, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Stone Mountain. When you have a moment, send Senator David Adelman an email at thanking him for sponsoring SB 170. (I sent mine.)

Gov. Sonny Perdue has signed legislation banning Georgia government agencies from entering into contracts with companies that have business interests in Sudan.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. David Adelman, said the new law is designed to sanction the Sudanese government and stop mass genocide taking place in the nation's southern region of Darfur. Adelman said militias doing the killing in Darfur receive financial backing from foreign companies involved in Sudan's oil, power, mining, and military sectors.

The bill took effect Wednesday as the governor signed it into law at the state Capitol.

(Taken from 11Alive)

If a company decides to hide any business with the Sudanese government, the company could face one of three actions:
(1) The company shall be liable for a civil penalty in an amount that is equal to the greater of $250,000.00 or twice the amount of the contract for which a bid or proposal was submitted;
(2) The state agency or the Department of Administrative Services may terminate the contract with the company; and
(3) The company shall be ineligible to, and shall not, bid on a state contract for a period of not less than three years from the date the state agency determines

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Lisa Allender said...

Well, God Bless Sonny Perdue. Really.
btw, in the giving-credit-where-credit-is-due, Governor Perdue also earns high marks for signing the bill to encourage film production here in Georgia--it was done last year, and Georgia and all us "local" actors, are already beginning to reap the rewards of films being shot here!
Thank you, Dustin, for giving credit to those who do good, even if they are ideologically outside of where we stand. ;)