Sunday, April 22, 2007

AJC Eliminates an Editor Position -- Email from Ellen Lindquist

Below, in italics, is an email I received from writer Ellen Lindquist. Please take a couple of minutes to read the information circulated by Ellen.

here you go......

I haven't received any group emails on this topic so I don't know how much word has gotten out but in a really stupid move, the Atlanta Journal Constitution has just eliminated Teresa Weaver's position as book page editor. Supposedly, the page may shrink down to just wire copy.

EVERYONE .... needs to write an email of protest to AJC Managing Editor Julia Wallace and Publisher John Mellott:

Here's the info from the blog Critical Mass:

Last week the Atlanta Journal Consitutition did a staff reorganization, eliminating its book editor position, which is demoralizing beyond speech. The AJC's section was run by long-time NBCC member and former board member Teresa Weaver, who put together one of the best-edited literary pages in the country, giving Atlanta -- which was #15 on the list of most literate cities in the U.S. (far ahead of New York(#49) -- the cultural dialogue it deserved.

Those on the NBCC board know Teresa's commitment to literature, especially novels and narrative nonfiction which meditated on America's complicated and shameful racial legacy. She was an early champion of writers like Edward P. Jones, William T. Vollmann, and Colm Toibin, not to mention Paul Hendrickson. I had the pleasure of writing for her, and I found Teresa's edits and reviewing assignments an education in and of themselves. I will miss working with her dearly.

Teresa has the opportunity to apply for a job within the company, but it's not clear what the fate of the book page will be -- whether it'll be reassigned to an existing editor, whether it will go entirely to wire copy, or whether it will be removed altogether. If you care about books, or literary events in Atlanta, or cultural discussion, this is of vital importance, especially since the paper reaches over 2.3 million readers in Atlanta per week, with over 3 million additional page views online.



Anonymous said...

Bravo to you for covering this important issue! Book lovers wanting to state their opposition to the AJC's misguided, culturally-suicidal decision to eliminate its book editor are encouraged to sign the online petition at Critical Mass, the blog of the National Book Critics Circle. We cannot afford to passively let this idiocy happen! --Chuck Leddy

Dustin Brookshire said...

I remember when in school-- I think middle school to be exact-- after my father was finished with the paper, I took it for the comics and literary section. I hate to hear of Teresa losing her job, and it saddens me to think the literary page could be cut as well.

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