Monday, April 16, 2007

Dolly Parton -- A Tribute in Four Pictures

I was not able to venture to Pigeon Forge for the opening ceremonies of Dollywood since I I had to pay my outrageous car insurance bill at the first of the month-- thanks State Farm for ruining my life!

<--Current desktop <--10 kinds of sexy

<-- Big hair = Closer to Jesus <-- It's like she's singing JUST for ME


Dustin Brookshire said...

Mr Maxton-- I have a special picture I'm going to post just for you at some point.

Montgomery Maxton said...

ok :)

Dustin Brookshire said...

MM-- I'm about to admit to my lack of being blg savy-- Can I post a small picture in a comment?

Montgomery Maxton said...

i dont think you can

Sibille said...

The mirror one is wonderful, but I think the first one is my favorite. I like the leg kicking.

Dustin Brookshire said...

Sibille-- The leg kicking picture is full of energy...loves it.. plus, it is a younger Dolly with BIG hair.... LOVE, LOVE, the big hair!

I think the mirror picture would make a great poster.

Btw-- I mailed you something today.

Anonymous said...

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