Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grass Roots Institute & Poetry

This morning I met with Aida Rentas, founder of the Grass Roots Institute (GRI), to discuss the addition of a creative wrting: poetry workshop to the GRI's program. As I drove to Edgewood Avenue this morning, I didn't know what to expect-- I've never pitched like this to someone. Poetry is my life's passion, and I was afraid I wouldn't present myself in the way I imagined I needed to come across. After two minutes of talking with Aida my worries drifted away because it is was obvious our discussion wasn't go to be a production of impress me or hit the road. Aida wants to know what you can do and how can it better the lives of children; she cares only wants the best for the young ones involved in GRI.

Aida is fierce, lovely, kind, and determined, and I am excited to have the chance to start working with her. Currently, we are planning two workshops-- one for 10-14yr olds and another for high school students. I can't wait for my workshop ideas to become a reality.

I'll definitely post updates on my work with the Grass Roots Institute. Also, I'm still going to post an update on SB 148, which was tabled by Representative Amos Amerson, but I have to wait until I receive some information from an elected official.


Sibille said...

Great people are those who do not intimidate others but make them feel that they too are great, who really listen and can draw out the best from people.

I'm glad your meeting went well and that you and Aida are planning some workshops. Sounds like good stuff!

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