Friday, April 27, 2007

All of the Way Over to a Blog, Oh MY!

For a few weeks, I have been planning and working to start a blog that will serve as a free speech and info forum for Dekalb County citizens. The plan is for people to send me articles to post in the blog-- I'm interested in anything from simple announcements to political rants and everything that falls between--- I only ask that the articles/announcements/etc. pertain to Dekalb County.

I thought I would mention the blog concept on Livejournal and let people who use the site know they can submit articles if they wish. I've received messages comparing LJ and blogspot, and I've made my goal is not to have a battle of LJ and blogspot--- the goal is about being involved in the community in which we reside! And I actually had a person reply to that comment with, "True, but it also doesn't mean that those interested want to travel all of the way over to a blog to read or write about such topics," in regard to my

WTF? "All the way over to a blog." When did typing a web address become such difficult labor? For the love of Dolly, type it once and bookmark it. I didn't realize a web address was like hitching the horses to a wagon and making the full day trip to town for a sack of flour and feed.


Collin said...

People really will argue about anything.

Sibille said...

He's a true example of a twat. :-)

Having said that, people might want to syndicate the blog to LiveJournal. That's what I do, so I can easily follow all blogs in one location and always know when something new is posted. I know me, I'd always forget to check the different blogs.

Dustin Brookshire said...

CK-- So true. Exciting, you're in the top two........ I'll have to do my part and vote again.

Sibille-- You always have great ideas!

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