Thursday, April 19, 2007

House Science & Technology Committee Passes SB 148

SB 148, the Saving the Cure Act, was passed yesterday by the House Science & Technology Committee. Now it will move to the House floor. While this is good news, it wouldn't hurt to contact your House Rep to let him/her know you want to this bill passed!

I will definitely have another blog entry up tonight because I want to share an email I received last week from Representative Amos Amerson and other information around SB 148.

Also, I hope to have a quote or two from SB 148's sponsor, Senator David Shafer, to include in the entry tonight.

Here is the AJC Article:

Stem cell bill passes in last-minute vote

By Sonji Jacobs Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 07:53 PM

A bill that would promote nondestructive stem cell research in Georgia received a last-minute committee vote Tuesday, greatly improving the proposal’s chances of passing the General Assembly this year.

The House Science and Technology Committee, chaired by Rep. Amos Amerson (R-Dahlonega), approved Senate Bill 148 with no opposition. Last week, the committee declined to vote on the measure, raising doubts about whether the bill would pass before the final day of the Legislative session. The 2007 session is expected to wrap up on Friday.

“My objective from the beginning has been to promote every type of stem cell research over which there is no ethical controversy,” said Sen. David Shafer (R-Duluth), the bill’s sponsor. “The committee substitute approved by the House committee today achieves that goal by citing federal guidelines.”

Shafer said he worked with House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) on reworking the bill. The measure now mirrors some of the language in a federal bill being pushed by U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga).

Isakson’s measure, dubbed the Hope Act, would provide federal funding only for research on stem cells taken from so-called “naturally dead” embryos —- those too deficient to produce a child if implanted. His bill is intended to address critics’ main objection: that taking stem cells from viable embryos destroys the embryos, an act they equate with taking a human life.
The U.S. Senate last week passed the bill.

In Georgia, Shafer’s bill needs to pass the full House and then must return to the Senate for approval of the changes made by the House.


Montgomery Maxton said...


Dustin Brookshire said...

I'm excited.

Collin said...

I've been really curious why you are so supportive of Shafer. He's a right-wing fundamentalist who panders to the Christian right in Georgia, which would strip you and I of our rights if they had half the chance.

While he's taking all the praise for this bill, it's a rewrite of Decatur Democrat Mary Margaret Oliver, who originally propsed it, but allowed for the use of embryonic stem cell research. Scientists have said over and over that embryonic stem cell research offers the most effective way to combat diseases killing millions. He follows Bush's lead in not even wanting frozen stem cells, which might be discarded if not used from sperm banks, to not be used for research. It's political pandering of the worst kind.

If Shafer had his way, children would be studying nothing but the Bible and Creationism in the classroom and he's spoken loudly against "progressive scientists" -- the majority -- who have fought this kind of backwards, hysterical thinking. Oh, and he also doesn't want booze served on Sunday because the Lord wouldn't like it.

Dustin Brookshire said...


I think you are mistaking my support for SB 148 and praise for Shafer sponsoring and promoting the bill, as being supportive of him. I am only supportive in the aspect that I believe SB 148 is a great bill. I am supportive in the fact that I can respect his dedication to what he believes will help Georgians. Stem cells from the umbilical cord have been proven to cure and ease the symptoms of a list of diseases, so I think it is extremely important for the blood bank (mentioned in the bill) become a reality. I am not going to ignore SB 148 because Shafer is a hardcore Republican. Yes, he is no fan of the gay civil rights, but SB 148 has nothing to do with gay civil rights; however, it is a bill that benefit all people: gay, straight, undecided, black, white, Asian, etc.

Regarding your comment, "Scientists have said over and over that embryonic stem cell research offeres the most effective way to combat diseases killing millions." Well, there are a lots of studies saying this and that.... there are a lot of studies that that will tell you embryonic stem cells are also hard to control and often mutate into cancer cells-- it just depends on what studies you read. I have never said that we shouldn't be supporting embryonic stem cell research-- I've been saying GA needs to utilize its options with the stem cells found in the umbilical cord.

His views on alcohol sales have nothing to do with SB 148. His views on any other bill have nothing to do with my interest in SB 148. If you don't like his views on an issue, write-- write a blog entry, send him a letter, do something....... sometimes "something" brings about change-- I firmly believe that.

I'm going to sound like a smart ass, but I'm really not trying to be one-- If you don't like his views, then contact citizens in his district to show them the "error" of his ways. When election season comes up, work in a campaign against him. However, don't let his being Republican or not liking gays or writing a bill that most likely wouldn't pass if written by a Dem in a Republican dominated chamber, be a reason not to support a bill.

Typically, parties follow their leaders. It happens with Dems as well as Republicans. I think it is easier to toss this fact out when the current leader is a Republican idiot.

Bottom line-- Party lines and views on issues that don't pertain to a bill should not dictate support of a bill.

Collin said...

I support the use of stems cells -- from any source -- to help the fight against cancer and other diseases. Don't get me wrong.

What I really don't like is how he hijacked a more comprehensive bill and made it his own, gutting it to please the Christian right he panders to. I suppose I should be happy that any kind of bill of this kind got passed, but the way he did it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And his other views are just abhorent.

I'm glad you're politically active Dustin. I've been for years, as you well know. I had just been seeing you praise him for weeks on your blog and wanted to make sure you knew the "other side" of Shafer. Glad you do.

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