Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 Atlanta Pride Festival Pics

Here are a few pictures from this year's
Atlanta Pride Festival:

Love it!

Congressman John Lewis spoke on Saturday. Lewis gave a passionate speach that moved me to tears. He told festival participants that the GLBT community will always have his support while he's in office. He stressed we can't accept things because "they are." We must demand and fight for change!

Deborah Gibson (formerly known as Debbie Gibson) performed on Saturday. I was on my way to enjoy VIP seating to take better pictures than the one above, but I lost my 2-way radio in route. I never made it to the VIP seating because I started the search for the radio, hoping I wouldn't have to tell the powers that be that I lost it.

I didn't find my radio, but I did find the leather people.

I wanted to buy this for Montgomery, but I gave up when I found out
it was filled with air instead of lube.


Sibille said...

Thank you for sharing the photos honey. Looks like good times!

The human rights photos (here and on your website) make me sad. We ahve to remember that although Pride is all about having fun and celebrating, there are also serious issues - and not just in 'those other countries'

Dustin said...


Yeah, the Human Rights Exhibit was created to show the bad & good/lows & highs of the GLBT "history" in the US but in other countries as well. I didn't take pictures of all the pieces of the exhibit because I was working a lot and never found my way back over to it. The exhibit was very moving. Our committee members did an excellent job with the exhibit; they deserve a huge thank you.

There are a few pieces that capture Atlanta Pride since 1970-- I thought those were pretty cool.

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