Sunday, June 3, 2007

"Public Affair" ~ Jessica Simpson

Until the launch party for the 2007 Atlanta Pride magazine, I had never heard Simpson's "Public Affair" nor seen the video. Once I started watched I was hooked until the end of the video. I felt like I was sinning because the video is a bit cheesy; however, I think the cheese-factor is what makes the video entertaining and slightly endearing--- Christina Applegate helps a hell of a whole lot with that too! All the cameras come out for a public affair. But anyway, here's the video for you.....


Montgomery Maxton said...

i have those roller shorts

Dustin said...

MM... You left out an important fact-- on the back of your shorts it reads "Can't touch this!"


Collin said...

I can't stand this insufferable, fake-tittied chipmunk. Ugh! Christina Applegate is totally slumming here.

As for MM, J.Lo has nothing on M.Mo's rump.

Charles said...

And that's Lisa Turtle from Saved By the Bell, too! She's all growed up now.

Rick Andreoli said...

Never discount a good guilty pleasure (or the fun you can have trying to interpret her lyrics).

Dustin said...

CK- So harsh, so harsh!

Charles-- I knew she looked familiar. OH, precious spoiled little Lisa.

Rick-- So true on both! The only lyrics I understand are the cameras coming out for a public affair... it's all about the skating for me.

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