Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sexual Violence

Everywhere I click there seems to be an article on some for of sexual violence. It's disappointing, heartbreaking, depressing.

Paul and I saw the Hills Have Eyes 2 at the theater (way back in the day). In the movie, like the first one, there is a graphic rape scene. There were a large number of people in the theater laughing. I was blown away and pissed. I can't fathom how rape, even in movie, can be found humorous.

Depressing articles:
"Sex Offenders Younger, More Violent"
"Civil Rights Leader Charged with Incest"


Montgomery Maxton said...

again, i hold true to my belief that 90% of Americans are rude, stupid, and ignorant.

Dustin said...

Yeah, again, I'll have to agree with you. (At least I think I agreed when you originally commented that on a post.)

Sibille said...

I sure hope for those laughing people that they will never has the experience first hand...

Anonymous said...

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