Monday, June 11, 2007

TIME & Poetry

Yesterday, CK posted a link to a TIME article titled "Poems for the People." The article is in the June 18, 2007 issue (which is not the issue pictured to the right-- I thought the "what's next" was fitting for the crappy article.)

Let me share my favorite quote from the article: "Chances are, you don't read much poetry, at least not the new stuff. Don't feel bad, hardly anybody does." I beg to differ--I firmly believe there are tons of people hungry for poetry. When I volunteered at the 2007 Decatur Arts Festival I partnered with a lady who told me how her daughter's middle school English class spent a longer period of time on poetry than what was originally planned because of the student interest. I chat with people on Myspace who at a first glance or chatting with, you wouldn't think would have a poetry interest, but they do.

TIME at its best, here's a caption from the article:
Champion students representing all 51 states, stand on stage at the Poetry Out Loud Competition at George Washington University in D.C., May of 2007.

I must have an immature moment-- Grossman can suck it!


Montgomery Maxton said...

are any of the poets responding to this p/o/shit article?

Dustin said...

MM--I thought about writing something and sending it to times, but I am still thinking what I want to say.

I sent the link to Duhamel, to see if she had read it yet. I'm curious as to what her thoughts on the topic will be. I'm sure she could write a smashing poem as a reply, such a poem would probably make me melt.

Too bad Sexton isn't alive. I'd pay to see what she'd write as a response.

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