Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beth Gylys ~ Limpwrist

Charles Jensen, poet/blogger/full-time cutie, is writing a review of Beth Gylys's MATCHBOOK for the first issue of LIMP WRIST. I am ecstatic that he has agreed to review Beth's work, and she is excited as well. She told she hopes he likes it-- I predict he will. I wouldn't ask him to review MATCHBOOK if I thought he wouldn't like! (No pressure Charlie!)

Since I'm writing about Beth, I guess I'll share one of my favs from her book BODIES THAT HUM. I've probably shared this poem before-- if so, get over it- thanks for your cooperation.


Your desktop PC is well-equipped to handle
every disaster from spilled coffee to a power surge,
which is only one reason I don't understand
how you can just stand there,
puzzling at the toes of your Reebocks,
as if you might think of an apology for yourself
or your lack of courteous love-making practices,
such as kissing me on the neck,
for instance, or taking off your tube socks,
which, after all, usually have holes, and anyway,
you told me you didn't believe in all that shit
about mutuality or marriage, so at least you could stop
curling up your lip like a frazzled Doberman
and fuck like you want to fuck
or leave like you're never coming back.