Monday, December 3, 2007


"People wished to see the character they saw on the screen, or there were looks of disappointment on their faces. They actually expect you to be certain characters they saw in the films. They think I'm a difficult person because of the parts I've played. They're disappointed in you if you don't say those lines. They don't want you to be out of character."

~ THE GIRL WHO WALKED HOME ALONE: Bette Davis, A Personal Biography


Lisa Allender said...

Hi dustin.Great seeing you at the Atlanta LGBTQ Literary Fest's Planning Committee meeting on Sunday!
The new Bette bio looks interesting--thanks for this post... My fav "old-school" actress is still Katharine Hepburn, but Bette definitely can set a screen on fire!

Dustin said...

Lisa, it was a pleasure to see you as always.

Oh, the book I am quoting from isn't the newest bio on Davis-- the new bio is DARK VICTORY: THE LIFE OF BETTE DAVIS.

Collin said...

Bette's best quote ever was "If everybody likes you, you must be pretty dull." I used it on my senior page in high school year book. I'm a 'mo from way back. lol

Dustin said...


I like that quote too--- I just read part of the book last night where that quote is mentioned.

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