Saturday, December 1, 2007

Not for the Eyes of Children or Conservative Right Wingers

Margaret Cho you rock. I posted a link to this video before; however, I thought I'd post it today since it is one of my favorite youtube videos. Oh, it's so wrong that it's right.

Enjoy "My Puss".....


Montgomery Maxton said...

is that really m. cho?

Dustin said...


I originally saw it many moons ago in her blog.

Robin said...


This is funny as hell!!!!

Have you heard "F*ck Bush?" It's on iTunes somewhere.


Robin said...

Here's a link to Magdelen Hsu-Li, a/k/a "Chinga Chonga" in drag:

It's not G-rated, but it's a good ol' folky razz tune with a hint of '70s-lesbian-folksinger and Essence of Zappa. I give it a 7. I bet it's funnier live. Why not get Sista Seuss and Art Amok to bring her to ATL for a show?


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