Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dustin-Contest Time

I have had the desire to do something different, fun and a little bit unique, so I thought why not have a Dustin-Contest. No, I'm not self centered, only lazy-- it is must easier to come up with questions about me than to do extensive research to create really hard trivia questions.

This entry contains eleven questions. Five of the questions are multiple choice and the others are very short answer. If a question is marked with an asterisk it means the answer has been discussed in my blog. There is one trick question; it should be obvious that it is a trick question but the answer is not so obvious.

Like any decent contest, there will be a prize. If I happen to feel frisky there might be a prize for second place. However, we all know that second place is only the first person to lose-- or at least that is what my dad used to tell me.

TO WIN, email your answers to Please type "Dustin-Contest" in the subject line. All comments regarding my cuteness as a child, visible in the above picture, may be left in a comment.

1. For the past couple years, I've wanted to do Dolly for Halloween. Which Dolly did I want to be?
A) Here You Come Again- Dolly
B) Best Little Whorehouse in Texas- Dolly
C) Halo & Horns- Dolly

2. Out of the three poets below, which would I consider my favorite?
A) Kim Addonizio
B) Marilyn Nelson
C) Denise Duhamel

3. How many times have I visited Dollywood?

4. What poet do I consider as my mentor?*

5. Who is my favorite actress?
A) Jodi Foster
B) Kathy Bates
C) Dolly Parton

6. Whenever I attend a workshop or conference what book do I always take?
A) Furious Cooking
B) Bodies that Hum
C) Kinky

7. What is my boyfriend's name?*

8. Which celebrity does Daisy share a birthday with?*

9. In January 2008, what conference will I attend?*

10. What movie introduced me to the wonderful, funny, and talented Madeline Kahn?
A) Blazing Saddles
B) Clue
C) Young Frankenstein

11. What follows my blog's name?