Friday, November 23, 2007

Spam Poetry-- Rated X

I'm willing to be someone else's life, but not anyone I care deeply about, that it was T.S. Eliot who once said, Good poets borrow; great poets steal. I am in no way calling myself a great poet. I am only using Eliot's line to soften the stealing of an idea, but I know CK won't mind--- after all I am giving him credit. CK recently posted a poem in his blog that was created from the subject lines of his spam mail, but I heard him first mention the idea of saving spam subject lines at the Outwrite reading I did earlier this month. I absolutely fell in love with the idea, so I started saving spam subject lines.

Every line in the poem below is from a subject line. The poem is rated X.. (I wonder if Loretta Lynn will pay me for that reference to her song)-- be warned..... I like it.. hope you will too

Spam Poem 1

Dear prize winner
Make a breakthrough in your sexual relationship
Don't let your dick provoke her laughter
Don't be an average man! Megadick will lift you up to the top
You'll never be unhappy in bed anymore!

Forget about failures in the bedroom
Bigger penis is not just an illusion
Make all the girls notice your manhood
Grow a hulky shaft
Let your penis grow into a purple-headed demon
Separate yourself from other men
Your new penis will be all women's dreams



KATE EVANS said...

Hilariious! That purple-headed demon is the best.

Collin said...

Creating a found poem is an excellent exercise. Spam filters are great, catalogues, and other printed matter are all ripe for finding interesting lines.

Anonymous said...

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