Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Hidden Shame: Death in Georgia's Mental Hospitals

Below I have links to a series of articles, A HIDDEN SHAME: Death in Georgia's Mental Hospitals, written by AJC investigative reporters Alan Judd and Andy Miller. It isn't enough to say I am appalled by what has slid by in the state mental hospitals. I am saddened for the people and families that are victims of the neglect and abuse of the state mental hospitals.

I am disgusted that the GA Governor Sonny Perdue had the nerve to request $19 million for his Go Fish Georgia Initiative when the AJC was spotlighting the need of financial assistance for state mental hospitals. I was shocked that Perdue considers fishing more important than the state's mental hospitals.

A HIDDEN SHAME: About the series
Part 1: Sarah Crider is among the victims
Part 2: Suicide exposes neglect in state hospitals

Part 3: A fatal struggle--but no punishment
Part 4: Lax security, easy escape, tragic ending
Part 5: Family shattered by failure in care
Part 6: Psychiatric patients are vulnerable when state shunts them to inns, shelters, streets
Part 7: Children housed with alleged offenders
Part 8: A lonely end to a life of madness
Part 9: Mental unit needed cops to end teens 'riot'